Woman Rescued 80km from Japan Beach After 36 Hours


Dramatic Rescue off Boso Peninsula

A young Chinese woman in her 20s was successfully rescued after spending 36 hours adrift at sea off the Boso peninsula, south of Tokyo, Japan. She had ventured into the water wearing a rubber ring for swimming, which contributed to her drifting far from the original beach.

Emergency Response

The woman’s disappearance was reported to police after she failed to return from a swim in Shizuoka Prefecture. Prompt action by authorities led to her sighting by a cargo ship, which then alerted a nearby vessel. Crew members immediately jumped into the water to bring her to safety.

Condition Upon Rescue

Rescuers found the woman dehydrated but conscious. She was airlifted to a hospital by Coast Guard helicopters for medical evaluation and treatment, as reported by Kyodo news agency.

Details of the Incident

The incident highlights the peril of ocean currents, with the woman unable to return to shore due to the drifting effect of her rubber ring. The distance covered during her ordeal was estimated to be significantly greater than the initial 80km straight-line distance between her starting point and the rescue site off Chiba prefecture.


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